Welcome to the World of Muax: A Musical Odyssey

Cover: Muax - The Dictator Is Coming

Discover the captivating journey of Muax, also known as Henry Fecherolle, a true artistic polymath hailing from the crossroads of German and Belgian cultures. Muax, a seasoned musician, filmmaker, and former cycling influencer, has embarked on a transformative odyssey that transcends creative boundaries.

About Muax: The Early Days and Cycling Connection

Muax’s musical saga began in the vibrant era of the 1980s, where he showcased his rhythmic prowess as a drummer in various bands, including the renowned “The Groovers.” However, his story takes a fascinating turn in October 2008 when he stepped into the limelight with the internet show “Muax Enrico.” Broadcasting from the iconic Muax Studios, a modest 12-square-meter kitchen, Muax, adopting the persona of “Enrico Muax,” filled a void in the cycling scene left by media withdrawal post-2007.

Between 2008 and 2015, Muax produced an impressive 700 videos, exploring the intricacies of cycling. From short clips to cinematic ventures like “Pain fades — Pride remains!,” Muax’s creativity flourished. Not content with visual storytelling alone, he seamlessly integrated music into his productions, creating memorable tracks like “Alberto Contador mi amor” and the globally broadcasted rap duet “Ready to Fight” with André Greipel during the 2015 Tour de France.

A Musical Transition: From Cycling to Trumpet

In late 2015, Muax bid farewell to cycling, redirecting his creative energies towards his true passion – music, particularly jazz trumpet playing. Formal lessons honed his skills, paving the way for a new chapter in his artistic journey.

Musical Exploits: Albums, Singles, and Beyond

Muax’s debut album, “From tomorrow, I’ll change my life…,” released in 2021, showcases nine songs with German lyrics, delving into themes of love and social criticism. Singles like “Leck deinen Auspuff” (a remix with “Mareile”) highlight Muax’s dedication to addressing societal issues, drawing from his experiences as a committed cyclist.

Continuing his musical exploration, 2022 saw the release of the purely instrumental EP “Impro Sessions,” with a focus on trumpet and improvisation. Early 2023 brought forth the instrumental album “Trouble,” emphasizing the trumpet’s melodic nuances. Anticipation is high for Muax’s upcoming album, “The Dictator Is Coming,” set to release in February 2024.

Join the Musical Adventure: Connect with Muax

Embark on a musical adventure with Muax. Immerse yourself in the diverse sounds, stories, and creative expressions that define his unique journey. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a fan of cycling narratives, or someone seeking fresh artistic perspectives, Muax welcomes you to explore, engage, and become part of the ever-evolving narrative of his artistic evolution.

Stay tuned for the latest releases, updates, and behind-the-scenes glimpses as Muax continues to carve his path through the realms of music, storytelling, and beyond. Join the community, and let the rhythm of Muax’s world resonate with you.