Music Video: No Peace on Earth

Muax - No Peace on Earth

From the album The Dictator Is Coming

“NO Peace on Earth,” a powerful electro track infused with dramatic trumpet sounds 🎺.

In this captivating music video, two worlds collide: one vibrant and loving, the other dark and reserved, yet curious. Portrayed through hypnotic interactions before the screen, both characters comb their long hair, delving into the depths of their own thoughts.
While seemingly trapped in virtual isolation, they reflect the grim reality of our time, where war and conflicts loom large. Yet, simultaneously unfolds a captivating curiosity, a desire to peek behind the facades and unveil the truth. An evocative portrayal of our society, caught between the consumption of fake news and an exaggerated narcissism.

Let yourself be carried away by this visual masterpiece and delve into the profound message of “NO Peace on Earth. 🌍🎶