Music Video: Last Sundown

Muax - Last Sundown

From the album Trouble

When Muax recorded and produced his second studio album, “Trouble,” in December 2022, his mother was gravely ill, residing in a hospice. During this time, it became a ritual for him to visit her almost daily after his studio sessions. They shared many precious moments, finding a deep connection despite the challenges they had faced together. This emotional journey permeates the entire album.

One of Muax’s fondest memories from this period is his mother’s curiosity about his music. After the recording sessions, he would visit her and share the progress, playing the latest tracks on his phone. She would close her eyes and visibly relish the warm tones of his trumpet, a memory Muax treasures dearly.

The song “Last Sundown,” which closes the album “Trouble,” encapsulates this poignant atmosphere and the bittersweet realisation that while nothing lasts forever, the beauty and value of shared experiences remain timeless. Muax’s mother passed away in February 2023, just days after the album’s release.

This music video for “Last Sundown” is a tribute to those cherished moments and the enduring bond between a mother and her son, immortalised through the heartfelt melodies of Muax’s trumpet.