No. 2 🎺 Track Spotlight: “One Year Later” 🎶

English Here comes my second composition, “One Year Later,” a bridge between the past album “Trouble” and the current one, “The Dictator Is Coming.” 🌟 “One Year Later” encapsulates the essence of transition, spanning the year between albums and reflecting the distinct influences that shape both works. 🎵 Upon closer listening, one can sense the… Continue reading No. 2 🎺 Track Spotlight: “One Year Later” 🎶

No. 1 🎺 Track Spotlight: “Warmup” 🎶

English Dive into the musical tapestry of Muax’s new album, “The Dictator Is Coming,” starting with the enchanting first track, “Warmup.” 🌟 In “Warmup,” Muax crafts a musical dialogue between the trumpet and harmonica, as if these distinct voices are finding each other in an intricate dance. 🎵 The simplicity of these clear instruments invites… Continue reading No. 1 🎺 Track Spotlight: “Warmup” 🎶