When Muax recorded and produced his second studio album, “Trouble,” in December 2022, his mother was gravely ill, residing in a hospice. During this time, it became a ritual for him to visit her almost daily after his studio sessions. They shared many precious moments, finding a deep connection despite the challenges they had faced together. This emotional journey permeates the entire album.

One of Muax’s fondest memories from this period is his mother’s curiosity about his music. After the recording sessions, he would visit her and share the progress, playing the latest tracks on his phone. She would close her eyes and visibly relish the warm tones of his trumpet, a memory Muax treasures dearly.

The song “Last Sundown,” which closes the album “Trouble,” encapsulates this poignant atmosphere and the bittersweet realisation that while nothing lasts forever, the beauty and value of shared experiences remain timeless. Muax’s mother passed away in February 2023, just days after the album’s release.

This music video for “Last Sundown” is a tribute to those cherished moments and the enduring bond between a mother and her son, immortalised through the heartfelt melodies of Muax’s trumpet.

Muax’s New Album “The Dictator Is Coming”: An Ode to Jazz, Pop, and Electro

Welcome to Muax’s musical journey! We are thrilled to introduce Muax’s brand-new album “The Dictator Is Coming.” This masterpiece takes you on a journey through jazz, pop, and electro, infused with Muax’s distinctive trumpet and lyrical poetry.

Musical Diversity Meets Spontaneity

Dive into the diversity of “The Dictator Is Coming,” where jazz, pop, and electro elements collide. The music explores the highs and lows of a tumultuous year, enriched by Muax’s unique style. Some tracks are purely instrumental, while others shine with profound lyrics.

Inspiration from Everyday Life

Muax invites you into his world, shaped by spontaneous jam sessions and creative inspirations of the past year. The album serves as a melodic summary, captured in every tone and note. The joy of playing and the poetic lyrics reflect the multifaceted inspiration of the artist.

A Blend of Joy and Critique

With “The Dictator Is Coming,” Muax aims not only to convey musical joy but also to address political themes. A highlight is the track “Run, If You Can,” exploring the impact of political unrest on interpersonal relationships. A thoughtful piece, focusing on the dictatorship of populists.

An Album for Eternity

Muax has no plans for traditional live performances with the album release. The album is meant to stand alone, preserving the creative energy of the past years. It’s more like a vacation photo, capturing the atmosphere when dictators arrive, but we still relax on the beach.

Emotional Depth and Critique

“The Dictator Is Coming” presents a contemplative and critical atmosphere. The lyrics prompt reflection, while the music creates moments of hope and joy. Muax captures the zeitgeist, aligning with a trend where music tends to be more melancholic.

Thanks to Supporters

Muax extends heartfelt thanks to all supporters, fans, and even neighbors who patiently endured intensive recording sessions. The support means a lot and enriches the musical journey.

We hope you listen to “The Dictator Is Coming” with the same enthusiasm with which it was created. The album is available now, wherever you can stream music – a musical ode to diversity, joy, and critical reflection.

Let Muax’s trumpet sounds enchant you, and immerse yourself in the unique world of “The Dictator Is Coming”!




Introducing AYAWAKATA… the latest single by the masterful Muax, who, for this piece, set aside his trumpet and left it resting in its case. Instead, he embarked on a journey to the world-renowned destination, Le Lavandou on the Cote d’Azur, for the filming of the music video. Surrounded by the stunning shades of blue, delectable cuisine, and the occasional glass of rosĂ©, he found inspiration to create this masterpiece.

What may initially seem like a leisurely vacation reveals, upon closer inspection, the artist’s inner turmoil, torn between the inner peace basking in the warm sun and the indescribable discontent prevailing in the world outside.

AYAWAKATA… poignantly expresses the artist’s longing to transform everything into goodness with a resolute intention. However, even for such a talented artist as Muax, this remains an elusive dream in the distant horizon.



Muax - Trouble (Album)

Muax and his trumpet have recorded an album. After last year’s Impro Sessions, Muax has completed another work this winter.

“Trouble” is the name of his new album and the eleven songs embody the symbiosis of Muax’s musical development with the events around him.

A creative process that outshines everything else in its diversity. The love of music, the warm tones of his trumpet and the experimental interplay of different instruments and sounds resulted in an album that astonishes even its immediate surroundings.

And yet, the most beautiful melody cannot hide the fact that outside the moment of creation, there is so much to ponder. Trouble, trouble, trouble…

The artist fulfilled a very special wish by recording the song “Wait” together with his eldest son, the talented musician Jacques Wery.


Impro Sessions

Muax - Impro Sessions (EP)

Organic music made from 100% recycled old white man. Guaranteed vegan.

Great EP! My sister also praises this interplay.

Good aura, good karma and the snappy as well as rich sound make the work of art and the symbiosis between artist and his instrument in exactly this way easy and also bring fun.

The workmanship of the individual musical components is very good. Of course there is a little forgotten note here and there, a little inaccuracy, but at this price you can’t complain and it is ultimately exactly what the product title promises: improvisation. Nothing rattles, everything works and the varnish – both on artist and instrument – also looks great!

The included videos can be admired shortly on Youtube and are very good to watch. “I ordered an extra bag of chips for the release,” Muax’s world-famous trumpeter colleague Adriana Soufletta recently revealed. And as we all know, she never eats chips. That must be a sign!


Sexy Boy Of Kefalos Beach – Muax feat. Joe Bronco & Bracq Fernandez


Leck deinen Auspuff [Ehrenstraße Remix] – Muax feat. Mareile

Mit den schönen Tagen kehren sie auch wieder in die Kölner Innenstadt zurĂŒck: die Autoposer, die scheinbar unendliche Freude daran haben, mit einem stoischen Blick durch die viel zu engen Straßen zu rasen und dabei einen unsĂ€glichen Krach zu verursachen. Ihr könntet jetzt argumentieren, dass ich lieber aufs Land ziehen sollte. Doch wĂ€hrend meiner Radtouren in Richtung Eifel stellte ich fest, dass es dort nicht besser ist. So entstand im letzten Sommer 2020 der Song “Leck deinen Auspuff”. PĂŒnktlich zum Sommer 2021 gibt es nun eine Remix-Version des Songs, die besser auf die Zielgruppe zugeschnitten ist. Es ist unser kleiner Protest gegen diesen unsĂ€glichen Trend. Es soll laut sein, hauptsache laut. Peace & Love!


29. August 2020 – Muax feat. Mareile

WĂŒtende deutsche BĂŒrger durchbrechen Barrikaden und stĂŒrmen auf die Treppen des Reichstags.

FĂŒr Mareile & Muax eine Art Tropfen, der das Fass zum Überlaufen brachte.

Neben der selbst empfundenen Hilflosigkeit angesichts der Corona-Pandemie wuchs das UnverstĂ€ndnis fĂŒr diejenigen, die die Tatsachen verleugneten und von kruden Verschwörungstheorien genĂ€hrt die offensichtliche Wahrheit als LĂŒge bezeichneten.

Menschen aus dem vermeintlichen normalen BĂŒrgertum, die – so scheint es – ohne Sinn und Verstand zusammen mit bekennenden Rechtsextremisten, ReichsbĂŒrgern und anderen antidemokratischen Ideologien pflegenden Personen durch die StĂ€dte zu ziehen.

Der unsĂ€gliche Eklat Ende August 2020 war es, der schließlich die Idee zu diesem Song hervorbrachte. Schnell war in Mareiles Kopf der Text dazu geboren. Eine Steilvorlage fĂŒr Muax, der in seinem Heimstudio die Musik dazu einspielte.

Diejenigen, die wir ansprechen, werden unseren Song sicher selten zu Ohren bekommen. Aber es ist wichtiger denn je, sich aus der digitalen AnonymitĂ€t heraus zu Wort zu melden – mit einer eindeutigen Stellungnahme.


Muax – Ab morgen Ă€ndere ich mein Leben


Lass sie gehn‘, lass sie gehn‘
Viel zu oft ließ sie dich stehn‘

Lass sie los, lass sie los
Die Ungleicheit, eine Nummer zu groß

Lass sie frei, lass sie frei
Sie ließ sich nicht ein, jetzt ist es vorbei

Lass sie ziehn‘, lass sie ziehn‘
Ihr Herz, nur geliehn‘, riet ihr zu fliehn‘