I can feel that place
peaceful in so many ways
The sun is awaking
and preparing to shine

just a few steps for me
I was there at least in my dreams
but this feels different

I decide not to be afraid
cause this time I feel so alive

you can´t feel what I feel and
I never paid attention but
sunrise comes from darkness

not long until I arrive
I can already see the first sunrays
never felt like this, so alive
like the sun during sunrise

I should better stop telling you
and you should better start helping me to
let me feel the sun

cause if I always turn my back to her
I will miss the most important part
like I did before
but I noticed there is hope
cause sunrise comes from darkness

I keep telling myself life`s too short
to regret
once you feel the sunrays
you can never go back
They remind me what my purpose feels like
like the sun
and that feeling the sun is right

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Muax feat. Hosaina – Sunrays (Single)